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Metallica - Nothing Else Matters 2007 Live Video Full HD
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (Album Metallica 1991)
Live Earth The Concert for a Climate in Crisis at Wembley Stadium 2007, London
James Hetfield - Vocals, Guitar
Kirk Hammett - Guitar
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Robert Trujillo - Bass

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Metallica American Musical Group Band James Hetfield Kirk Hammett Lars Ulrich Robert Trujillo Country Los Angeles California USA Nothing Else Matters Album Metallica 1991 Live Earth Concert Climate in Crisis Wembley Stadium 2007 London England United Kingdom UK Official Best Hits Top Pop Classic Charts Billboard MTV Grammy Awards Heavy Metal Hard Rock Music Video Full HD 1080p You Tube


KOSTASEVOI on Apr 23rd, 2017

Love Hammetts' Blues scale at 04:19 .

rock my soul on Apr 23rd, 2017

Mind bending shit!!!

micke Pie9 on Apr 23rd, 2017

1:28 OH SHIT, OH MAN !

joaquim rocha on Apr 23rd, 2017


Hüseyin Ceylan on Apr 23rd, 2017

follow please my channal :)

Shervin Darkshadow on Apr 23rd, 2017

3:43 voice fail!

Stealthom _ on Apr 22nd, 2017

For me this is the best performance of Nothing else matters

nopecolors on Apr 22nd, 2017

3:03 :D

Joe S on Apr 22nd, 2017

3:01 that guy in the middle is on a bad acid trip.

Omar Abba on Apr 21st, 2017

dhafelak mlih mlih ...machi dhcheb totti .....