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Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko - Post To Be (Official Video)
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Anisha Kaur on Apr 24th, 2017

so beautiful and my favourite song and dance and my dream about you

Ximtiaz Sultan on Apr 24th, 2017

Just LOve this song.

Dezaria spencer on Apr 24th, 2017

this is one of my favorite songs i love it

Brooklyn Trent on Apr 24th, 2017

"If that homework come close to me Imma burn this school down And go on a shooting spree" -Me😋

Artem Rastaveli on Apr 24th, 2017

what about 808? does it sounds right?) I Like the song but that 808 bass always make think it doesnt fit to the main melody))

TheBakedDonut20 on Apr 24th, 2017

This song really sucks but that asian bitch is fine as fuck

Inivican Absurdus on Apr 24th, 2017

https://soundcloud.com/dankflowapot/post-to-be-auditory-destruction-remix This is the best remix

Bashar Abuabteh on Apr 24th, 2017

chris looks like jenzo card from yugi

Angus Hoggan on Apr 24th, 2017

I'm just here for eat the booty like grocerys line

nono g on Apr 24th, 2017